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On This Day... 8/18/2017 



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On This Day: August 18, 2017

  1750Antonio Salieri, Italian composer
  1830Franz Joseph I, Austro-Hungarian emperor
  1922Shelley Winters, American film actress
  1933Roman Polanski, Polish born film director
  1937Willie Rushton, Satirist & TV personality
  1937Robert Redford, US film actor and director

  1856A patent was granted for condensed milk
  1941The National Fire Service was established in Britain
  1960The first oral contraceptive was sold in the United States
  1964South Africa was banned from taking part in the Olympic Games
  1966The 'Cultural Revolution' in China began
  1986Soviet leader Grobachev announced a further freeze on nuclear testing
  1993The waring factions in Yugoslavia agreed to place Sarajevo under UN control

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