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On This Day... 8/18/2017 

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Special Thanks

I would like to send a special thanks to JVLNET Internet Services and Christian Winebrenner for all of the assistance they have given in making our new database and registry, as well as making this site possible.

Your contribution does more than keep our site up and our registry going. 

It keeps alive the kindled sparkle in every searching adoptee and birth family member. It gives us hope, genuine hope, that efforts have not been in vain -- that missing counterparts will some day be found. It gives a resource for assistance, a place to turn to guide, as well as a shoulder to lean on - and an unheard cry not so terribly empty and alone.

It promises a new legacy for all of those related to Wisconsin adoption searches, keeping hopes alive, while assisting in avenues to turn to when one starts a search - as well as sharing their stories with others to help keep their hope alive. It demonstrates love.

We thank you, not just for your generous heart, but for your vision, for your ability to gaze into the future of every searching adoptee and birth family member, and see that a difference can be made ... one reunion at a time.

My sincere gratitude,

JVLNET Internet Services

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