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On This Day... 8/18/2017 

ICARE - Wisconsin Adoptee - Birth Family Registry Glossary


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Non-identifying social history information is available to an adoptive parent or a person age 18 or older, whose birthparents terminated their parental rights in a Wisconsin court of law or who was adopted by the consent process under the laws of Wisconsin prior to February 1, 1982.

  • Non-ID may include the following information:

  • Age at the time of the person's birth

  • Nationality

  • Race

  • Education

  • General physical appearance, talents, hobbies and special interests

  • Reason for placement and termination of parental rights

  • Religion

  • Family History

  • Personality traits of each parent

Please understand that this information will not include information that would disclose the identity (name, location, etc.) of a birth parent. A fee is charged by the Adoption Records Search Program for locating, verifying, purging, summarizing, copying and mailing of your Non-Id.

To request your Non-Id, please contact the State of Wisconsin Search Program. When doing so, you will receive a Search Packet that must be filled out and returned by you. The packet will detail your options, whether it is just requesting your Medical/Genetic/and Birth family Social History or asking the State to actually do your Search and contact your Birth Mother to see if she is receptive to having contact with you.  

Adoption Records Search Program
P.O. Box 8916
Madison, WI 53708-8916
(608) 266-7163
E-mail -

Include your adoptive name, DOB, Adoptive parents names, place of birth,  a current phone number, your current address, and the Agency that handled your Adoption, if known. Tell them ICARE referred you to them. Should they complete your search for you, let us know the results so we can post accordingly. Good Luck!

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