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On This Day... 8/18/2017 

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The ICARE's Registration process is free and a donation is not required for posting.

ICARE Search Help is available to you by request. A Search can be done in a range from "Free to a maximum $300". (Depending on County of Birth and expenses involved). Each case will be evaluated in advance for your pre-approval.

Please Contact Us for more information regarding search assistance, or snail mail to:

N 5080 17th Avenue
Mauston, WI 53948

ICARE is NOT affiliated with any searchers.  Absolutely no one represents us!

There have been many less-than-qualified individuals that "claim" to have lots of experience searching.  Despite their claims, some are seeking monetary gratification only.  Please be cautious when hiring a searcher.  

If you are in need of a recommendation, please let us know! We will provide you with a list of "knowledgeable, qualified" individuals to assist you in your search.

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