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On This Day... 8/18/2017 

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About Us

In the time that I.C.A.R.E. has been on the Internet, it has more than proven itself to be a valuable resource for both Adoptees and Birth Family members in search of their counterparts. During this time, I.C.A.R.E. has touched the lives of thousands of people within the Adoption Triad, reuniting hundreds in search. There is absolutely no other registry that houses as large of number of Wisconsin registrants.

Not all searches come to a full circle. The search is a very difficult time~ both emotionally and physically. A back-bone is needed for strength, and a shoulder to listen. Only an adoptee can understand "what it is like" to be adopted. Only a birthparent can know the feelings of placing that child. 

As you know, when a person searches, it is not for a replacement mother, father or child. It is for "answers" to questions that have plagued them for years. It is the opportunity to learn the truth, good, bad, or ugly. We have found that Adoptees and Birth Families do not deal well with the unknown. By searching and finding the answers, we have learned they can deal with their findings and can bring closure to this facet of their life. If an on-going relationship is established, we feel that is a plus, as long as the relationship is one of mutual consent combined with openness and honesty.

DianeI was born in Milwaukee, placed for adoption in the early 1960's through a Lutheran agency in Wauwatosa. I know and understand the emotions, feelings and views of a Searching Adoptee, as well as those of the birth family members.  

In 1983, I contacted Mary to help find my biological family. After a long, emotional search, and filing two court orders, Mary helped me find in 1994, and since that time, our friendship has broadened and we are now a unique duo with the same goals in mind. Those goals include helping all Searching Adoptees and Birth Parents find their missing counterpart. (Diane's Search).

MaryMary is a Birth Mother, and knows and understands the emotions, feelings and views of Searching Birth Parents, as well as those of adoptees. 

Mary stayed in a home for unwed mothers as she prepared for the birth, placement and subsequent adoption of her daughter in the early 1960's. Mary was certain she would find this daughter some day, and starting her very first search, she did. (Mary's Search).  Since that time, Mary's goal has been to help other birth parents and adoptees in search with their quest to find.

Over the years, Mary and I have continued to help as many people as possible.  We search, find, offer advice, reunite - or just listen. Mary and I both know the Wisconsin laws extensively, and have been in the adoption circle for years, knowing what needs to be done - and how to do it - to end a search.

Helping others search had become a goal for us, as being in the same situation at one time, we understand what it is like to "not know." 

In 1997, when I birthed I.C.A.R.E, a Wisconsin Adoptee - Birth Family Registry - My goal was to match one pair - that goal was met on April 19 with the first match of Julie and Eric.

Since the time of the very first match, I continue with my goal of matching "just one more pair" - That goal has been met, many times over! Matter of fact, there have been a few days where we have matched two and three pairs.  There are many reunion stories in our "Reunions" section - please feel free to share with the adoptees and birthfamily members that have been so kind as to share their story. 

The registry was my "dream" - a hope for a better way - a hope for those in search to find the answers they so deeply needed. A hope that not every adoptee would go with unanswered questions as I had for so many years of my life. Although we have not matched everyone on our list that continues to grow - someday, that is my dream which I would like to make a reality for everyone involved. This is not just "my" Registry - it is the Registry of every Traid Member from Wisconsin. It is yours.

As an adoptee and Founder of I.C.A.R.E., a Wisconsin Adoptee - Birth Family Registry, I proudly state our registry has has reunited over 600 Wisconsin Triad Members since inception.  That figure continues to grow as well.

The Registry has and continues to operate without the benefit of funding from any adoption agency or governmental agency of the State of Wisconsin. Mary, our search consultant and I have steadfastly supported this registry financially and physically - donating hundreds of hours, thousands of miles, and financial funds to maintain the database, server and Internet site. 

Mary and I welcome you to I.C.A.R.E. and wish you successes as you lead down the path ahead. 

My Regards,
Diane Kerman, Founder, I.C.A.R.E

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